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Analysis of Process and Performance Characteristics of Food and Kitchen Trash Handling Equipment

Introduction of kitchen trash handling equipment

The large-scale equipment for kitchen trash handling includes shredders, biochemical bins, and auxiliary equipment. In order to achieve high processing capacity, the difference between the various forms of processing equipment in the integrated machine for kitchen waste lies in the fact that these mechanical devices are a whole set of processing equipment composed of many components.

Currently, large-scale kitchen trash handling equipment has been widely used in Chinese kitchen waste resource processing stations, local kitchen trash handling and other fields.

Process of kitchen trash handling equipment

After being uniformly collected, kitchen waste undergoes pre-treatment and enters the shredder shredding process, and then the water content of squeezed dehydrated kitchen waste (60%-70%) is sent to the biochemical septic tank by the conveyor. The 24-hour biochemical septic tank is unloaded by the electronic discharge valve, and the oil and water are separated multiple times by the oil-water separator to remove the slag. The wastewater is treated to meet the discharge standards by the sewage treatment equipment using biological medicine water, then absorbed by the carbon box to remove odor and finally treated by the spray tower to meet the discharge standards.

Performance of kitchen trash handling equipment

In addition to the feeding system, shredding system, dewatering system, and conveying system, the kitchen trash handling device is also equipped with an APP that can be remotely controlled based on the safe and stable operation performance of imported motors. Trash handling equipment differs in construction due to the different biochemical process workflows.

  • Improve equipment utilization, design reasonably, and make the best use of every part;

  • Save production costs: reduce kitchen waste transportation costs;

  • Convenient installation: save installation foundation costs and adjust installation manpower;

  • Easy maintenance: can be directly transported to the repair shop for maintenance;

  • Simplify the production process: simple transportation with local processing.

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