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All these materials cannot be recycled from this mixed construction site waste, and the recyclable fractions are fed separately into circulation by construction debris recycling equipment. Recyclable products of high quality, the preservation of landfill areas, and protection from hazardous waste are major benefits of garbage sorting machine, such as construction waste recycling machines.

Construction and Demolition Waste recycling Equipment

Building demolition produces construction and demolition wastes, which are unique in their composition and form. Because of this, these wastes are often treated individually and require specialized C&D waste recycling equipment.

Depending on the building materials used to create homes, construction and demolition trash vary widely from nation to nation. Hengchuang waste management machine manufacturer offers construction and demolition waste recycling equipment for the manufacture of building materials and recyclable materials, and our construction waste recycling equipment has vast experience managing this kind of waste.

What Materials Can Be Processed with C&D Recycling Equipment

C&D recycling equipment is capable of processing a wide range of materials generated from construction and demolition activities. Here are some of the materials that can be effectively processed using C&D recycling equipment:

Concrete: Concrete waste, such as broken concrete pieces, slabs, and blocks, can be processed using crushers and pulverizers. These construction waste recycling machines break down the concrete into smaller particles or recycled aggregates, which can be used as a substitute for virgin aggregates in construction applications.

Wood: Wood waste, including lumber, pallets, and other wood debris, can be processed using chippers, grinders, and shredders. These construction waste recycling machines break down the wood into smaller chips or mulch, which can be used for landscaping, biomass fuel, or as feedstock for the production of composite wood products.

Masonry: Masonry materials like bricks, tiles, and concrete blocks can be processed through crushers and pulverizers. These construction waste recycling machines break down the masonry waste into smaller sizes, allowing for the production of recycled aggregates that can be used in construction applications.

Gypsum: Gypsum waste, commonly found in drywall or plasterboard, can be processed using shredders and crushers. The processed gypsum can be used as a raw material in the production of new drywall or as an additive in cement manufacturing.

Asphalt: Asphalt waste from road construction or demolition can be processed using crushers and grinders. The processed asphalt can be used as recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) in road resurfacing and construction projects, reducing the demand for virgin asphalt.

Shingles: Roofing shingles, typically made of asphalt or fiberglass, can be processed through grinders and crushers. The resulting material, known as recycled asphalt shingles (RAS), can be used as a component in asphalt mixtures for road construction.

Metals: C&D recycling equipment employs technologies such as magnetic separators and eddy current separators to separate and recover metals from the waste stream. Ferrous metals, such as steel and iron, can be separated using magnetic separators, while non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper can be recovered using eddy current separators.

Plastics: Plastics found in C&D waste can be sorted, shredded, and granulated to create plastic pellets or flakes. These processed plastics can be used as raw materials in the production of new plastic products.

Glass: Glass waste, including windows, bottles, and glass panels, can be processed through crushers and grinding machines, construction debris recycling equipments. The resulting cullet can be used as a raw material in the production of new glass products.

By effectively processing these materials, C&D recycling equipment contributes to waste reduction, resource conservation, and the promotion of a circular economy.

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