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Commonly Used Technology Of Domestic Waste Treatment Equipment

The comprehensive treatment technology of domestic waste is a technology to realize the harmlessness, reduction and comprehensive treatment of waste. The main purpose is to achieve high calorific value incineration treatment, biochemical treatment, recycling and non-recyclable landfill.

The urban resource recycling green complex construction waste recycling project can greatly reduce the proportion of construction and decoration waste backfill and landfill compactor for sale, and continuously improve the urban environment. Press the fast-forward button to promote the construction of a regional waste-free city pilot project and promote the construction of waste classification. High-quality construction waste recycling machine to achieve high-speed, high-recycling, high-standardization of three types of garbage disposal, especially waste concrete blocks, waste bricks, waste wood decoration (construction) waste to achieve secondary utilization, really make waste into treasure.

High calorific value combustible materials can be prepared into alternative fuels (RDF, RDF balers, SRF), reducing coal use, biogas digester fermentation, plastic, glass, metal, waste paper and other high-value recyclable materials with recyclable value.

Commonly used equipment is used in domestic waste treatment projects.

1. Chain plate machine.

The chain plate machine mainly uses the standard plate chain as the bearing surface, uses the geared motor as the driving force, and runs in the special guide rail. Through different processes and technical processes, the plate chain is divided into plastic plate chain and stainless steel plate chain.

2. Trommel screen

The main structure of the wholesale trommel screen is a screening drum, and the screening drum is composed of a plurality of circular sieve holes. The whole of the trommel screening equipment and the ground plane are inclined, and the outside is sealed by the isolation cover to avoid pollution to the environment. When using the transmission, the trommel rotates at a certain speed. The material is passed through the equipment from top to bottom and then separated by a sieve. The fine materials are discharged from the front and lower ends of the screening drum, and the coarse materials are discharged from the lower end of the screening drum.

In the process of use, it can be placed directly under the flat ground, floor or warehouse. The running speed is slow and well-proportioned, the vibration force is small, the operation is stable, the equipment is easy to install, and sometimes no special foundation is required. The device is located in a sealed device and has the advantages of dust removal, simple maintenance and long service life.

3.Wind separator

Using the organic combination of gravity and air selection, the air separation of solid waste realizes the effective screening and separation of bricks, tiles, muck, stones, and light plastic waste. The waste air separator equipment is mainly suitable for the classification and classification of urban and rural domestic waste, industrial waste and construction waste. An air sorter is a device that uses the principles of aerodynamics to screen and classify the desired material.

The key to the waste air separator machine equipment is to classify and separate various substances in the garbage according to the lightness and weight, so as to achieve the standard of classification, recycling and regeneration. The waste air separator has the advantages of low noise, low noise in the whole process of treatment, large processing capacity, and high level of automatic learning. It can be widely used in large, medium and small waste treatment plants for large-scale treatment.

At this stage, the common treatment methods of domestic waste mainly include landfill, composting and incineration, but crushing and refining must be carried out before processing. The domestic waste classification and treatment system is practical, feasible, economical and reasonable. The system equipment includes: double-shaft coarse crusher, fine crusher, trommel screen, magnetic separator, air separator, garbage conveyor, GI intelligent control system, the actual crushing effect is good, the sorting is meticulous, the level of automation technology is high, and the energy consumption is high. It can help the domestic waste to greatly reduce the bulk density and reduce the pressure of terminal processing work.