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Shandong HENGCHUANG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hengchuang, a professional waste sorting machine supplier, has a simple view: manage our waste better, make our world better and recycling better.

That's why we've dedicated the last two decades to innovating and engineering the most reliable and efficient waste recycling equipment available, so we can help our customers better manage their waste compaction, disposal and recycling.

Whether you're designing a new system or looking for retrofit options to improve your operation, Hengchuang is committed to finding a solution that fits your needs and goals. Our products include solid waste crushing machine and garbage conveyor and so on. Contact us for more info!

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Preparting for Your Sucess, We Provide Truly Prominent Environmental Protection Equipment Solution


What People and Clients Think about Us

Leader in Sustainability& Environmental Solutions, Professional self-owned factory, skilled enginner and technicians, advanced technology to make sure every clients feel satified.

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    We have completed buidling our waste management plant, this plant is working smoothly and I feel chuffed and satisfied with your garbage shredder machine as well as your service. Your engineer is working together online very nicely and thank you very much for all of your support and your help.

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    I am from Indonesia. We decided to buy this MRF line from Hengchuang last year. We started with Hengchuang online, Hengchuang's after-sales team supports us, from the beginning to every single step on how to install this stationary waste compactor machine. Finally the machine is set up, and we already tried three times, and we succeeded. Many thanks to after-sales team. thank you for your efforts.

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    We are pleased to cooperate with Hengchuang, from optical sorting equipment pre-sale to after-sale, they are so professional and efficient even their enginner and sales manager fly a long way to our country to do the survey, to make sure the final design is suitable for our project. They are not just doing recycling, but waste management.


Our Working Process

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    Our environmental experts work side-by-side with you in your screw conveyor belt facility to optimize your waste services program ensure the final plant meet your needs even beyond your needs.

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    We choose the first grade raw material to guarantee the RDF baler product performance and quality. The Production process is strictly planned to ensure the confirmed delivery time. 

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    Regular returning visit to every customer and 24/7 online customer services, we will instruct customer how to install and use the transition idler machine/production line.

Our History

  • Hengchuang was founded

    Hengchuang, a company founded in 2015, has long been committed to studying, creating, and producing waste treatment equipment. The organization has extensive engineering and production experience.

    The headquarters of Hengchuang are in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, and Hengchuang also maintains offices in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Paraguay to better service users in the area.

HENGCHUANG solid waste management equipment manufacturer will meet your needs as much as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us now.
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