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  • What do you need to pay attention to during the use of the bag breaker?

    Before entering the bag breaker, materials must be separated from bulky trash (such as furniture and stones) and easily tangled materials (such as blankets and ropes) to prevent damage to the bag breaker.

  • How much water content is required by rdf molding machine for material?

    RDF molding machine for materials with moisture contents of between 10 and 15 percent for the best results.

  • What products and services can Hengchuang provide clients?

    Hengchuang can design, produce, install, and maintain equipment as well as train employees for users, all while offering users specialized solutions.

  • What is the installation angle for the trommel screen?

    5-8°, the typical trommel screen angle is 5 degrees; the wider the angle, the higher the effectiveness of material screening will be. The drum rotates at a modest 0-20 rpm speed, which allows for more thorough sieving of materials smaller than the screen hole.

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