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How Does the Trommel Machine Reduce Noise?

In daily production, the noise of the trommel machine is unavoidable. In order to avoid the harm caused by the noise, here we introduce several methods that can effectively reduce the noise.

1. The trommel machine replaces the screen with rubber material

Wholesale trommel screen generally use stainless steel or carbon steel screens. During the screening process, the screens of these materials will collide with the screened materials and generate noise. They can be replaced with polyurethane screens or rubber screens, can play a very good buffering role, can effectively reduce the noise of about 5 decibels.

If it cannot be replaced with a polyurethane screen or rubber screen, buffer rubber or plastic pads can be used to wrap the connection position between the metal screen and the screen frame to reduce the collision and friction noise between the screen and the material.

2. The sieving machine is replaced by rubber shock-absorbing spring

If the trommel machine uses a steel wire damping spring during the screening process, friction between the spring and the support will cause noise, so it can be changed to a rubber damping spring.

If it cannot be replaced with a rubber shock-absorbing spring, a layer of rubber can be attached to the steel spring wire to increase resistance and reduce noise.

3. The sieving machine is equipped with a rubber lining in the sieve box

Rubber liners can be added to the side panels of the sieve box, the feed opening, and the discharge opening, which can effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side panels of the trommel machine and reduce radiation noise; in the design of the screen box structure, consideration should be given to To the stiffness of the screen box, use appropriate side plate stiffness to reduce vibration and reduce low- and medium-frequency noise waves.

4. Tighten the bolts of the trommel machine

Tighten the bolts of each part of the trommel machine to avoid the noise caused by vibration due to the looseness of individual parts. On the basis of meeting the bearing life, use bearings with smaller size and higher rigidity as much as possible.

The above is how to reduce the noise of the trommel machine we brought to you. I hope this article can solve your trash sorting machine problem.

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