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Installation Precautions for the Vibration Trommel Machine

Preparations before installation of vibration trommel machine

Prior to the installation of the mining vibrating screening equipment, a thorough examination must be carried out. Due to the long storage time of manufactured products in stockpiles, problems such as rusty bearings, aging sealing members, or damage during transportation may occur, and new parts should be replaced when these problems arise.

Also, for vibrators, rust inhibitors are injected before leaving the factory, and lubricants should be replaced before formal operation. The manual should be carefully read before installation and adequate preparations made.

Installation of the vibration trommel machine

Install support or hanging devices

During installation, the foundation should be leveled, and each component should be installed in accordance with the component and trommel machine installation diagrams of the supporting or hanging devices. Before installing the springs, they should be matched according to the actual stiffness value marked on the end face.

Connect the trommel machine box to the supporting or hanging device

After installation, adjust it according to the specified inclination angle. For hanging screens, both the inclination angle of the trommel machine box and the horizontal position of the spindle should be adjusted. Generally, the lateral level should be adjusted first to eliminate the skew of the trommel machine box. After the horizontal correction, the longitudinal inclination of the trommel machine box should be adjusted. The force of the isolating spring should be even, and their force condition can be judged by measuring the compression amount of the spring.

Generally, the compression amount of the two groups of springs on the feeding end must be the same, and the same goes for the two groups of springs on the discharging end. The compression amount of the springs on the discharging and feeding ends can be different.

Install the motor and V belt as required

When installing automatic waste sorting machine, the foundation of the motor should be leveled, the horizontality of the motor should be corrected, the center lines of the corresponding grooves of the two belt pulleys should coincide, and the tension of the V-belt should be appropriate.

Install and fix the trommel machine surface according to the requirements.

Check the fixing of each connecting part of the trommel screen separator (such as the trommel machine plate and vibrator), the trommel machine mesh should be evenly tightened to prevent local vibration. Check the lubrication of the transmission part, whether the wiring of the motor and control box is correct, and manually rotate the transmission part to check whether the operation is normal.

Check whether the feed and discharge chutes of the trommel machine and the trommel machine bottom funnel collide during operation.

Trial operation of vibration trommel machine

After the installation of the screening machine, an empty vehicle trial operation should be carried out to initially check the installation quality and make necessary adjustments.

  • The empty operation time of the trommel machine must not be less than 8 hours. During this time, observe whether the trommel machine starts smoothly and quickly, whether the vibration and operation are stable, whether there is any special noise, and the amplitude should meet the requirements according to the amplitude plate.

  • During the operation of the trommel machine, the vibration of the trommel machine box should not produce lateral swinging. If lateral swinging occurs, the corresponding adjustments should be made, such as adjusting the height difference of the two sides of the spring, the uneven tension of the hanging wire rope, the horizontal position of the rotating shaft, or the over-tightness of the V-belt.

  • Within 4 hours after starting the machine, the bearing temperature gradually increases, and then stabilizes. The high temperature should not exceed 75℃, and the temperature rise should not exceed 40℃.

  • If there is abnormal noise or a rapid increase in bearing temperature after starting, stop the machine immediately and check whether the shaft rotates flexibly and whether the lubrication is good. Restart the machine after troubleshooting.

  • After running for 2-4 hours, stop the machine to check whether each connecting part is loose. If it is loose, tighten it before starting again.

  • If there is no failure after an 8-hour trial operation, the installation project can be accepted.

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