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Introduction of Air Separator

Ⅰ. Definition of air separator

The air separator is a device that separates materials according to the specific gravity of the materials, and can divide the materials into heavy substances and light substances.

Ⅱ. The structure and principle of the air separator

The air separator is mainly composed of main machine, fan, separator, powder collector, dust collector, etc. The main machine is divided into three parts: bulk material system, air chamber and feeding system. When the machine is working, the material is put into the feeding system from the feeding port, the feeding system will evenly transport the material to the bulk material system, the light material passing through the bulk material is sent to the air chamber by the fan, and the heavy material falls into the connecting hopper.

Ⅲ. Use and maintenance of air separator

1. Add clean butter to the main engine and fan bearings once a week.

2. Before starting the machine, the main shaft must be rotated to check whether there is any abnormal sound in the machine, and if any problems are found, deal with them in time to avoid damage to the machine parts.

3. The feeding requirements are uniform, and the particle size can be adjusted according to the hardness of the raw materials.

4. It is strictly forbidden to put metal blocks into the machine, so as not to damage the parts.

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