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Main Technologies Used by Waste Handling Equipment Manufacturers for Processing Waste

Solid waste treatment technology involves multiple disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mechanical engineering. The main processing techniques of waste handling equipment manufacturers are:

Pretreatment of solid waste by waste handling equipment manufacturers

Before comprehensive utilization and treatment of solid waste, pretreatment is often necessary to facilitate the next step of processing. Pretreatment mainly includes crushing, screening, grinding, compression, and other processes.

Physical method of waste handling equipment manufacturers

By utilizing the physical and physicochemical properties of solid waste, useful or harmful substances are selected or separated. Gravity separation, magnetic separation, electrical separation, photoelectric separation, ballistic separation, friction separation, and flotation are different selection methods that can be used depending on the characteristics of solid waste.

Chemical method of waste handling equipment manufacturers

Use solid waste handling equipment and chemical transformation to recover useful substances and energy from solid waste. Calcination, roasting, sintering, solvent extraction, thermal decomposition, incineration, and ionizing radiation all belong to chemical treatment methods.

Biological method of waste handling equipment manufacturers

Use the action of microorganisms to treat solid waste. The basic principle is to use the biochemical action of microorganisms to decompose complex organic matter into simple substances and convert toxic substances into non-toxic substances. Biogas fermentation and composting are examples of biological treatment methods.

Treatment of solid waste by waste handling equipment manufacturers

Harmful solid substances that have no value need to be treated, and methods such as incineration, landfill, and ocean dumping can be used. Before landfilling or ocean dumping, solid waste needs to undergo harmless treatment by waste handling equipment.

The specific process of domestic waste treatment: coarse separation of original domestic waste → domestic waste enters the pyrolysis furnace → the upper material is preheated and dried by the middle temperature pyrolysis gas and smoke → the preheated material enters the middle part and undergoes pyrolysis gasification and carbonization at 450°C under oxygen-free conditions → The combustible medium-temperature carbonized material is discharged as ash after controlled oxygen combustion in the lower part. The pyrolysis gas enters the secondary combustion chamber where it undergoes high-temperature combustion at 850-1000°C, decomposing harmful substances such as dioxins in the smoke → The high-temperature smoke is rapidly cooled below 300°C, eliminating dioxins.

Water film desulfurization and denitrification → adsorption and removal of impurities → multi-element adsorption purification → ionizing smoke abatement and dedusting → dehydration and defogging → induced draft standard discharge. Domestic waste handling equipment includes pyrolysis furnace, secondary decomposition furnace, rapid cooling heat exchanger, spray dust collector, multi-element adsorber, ionizing smoke abatement and dedusting apparatus, dehydration and purification apparatus, chimney, induced draft fan, circulating water pump, control cabinet, etc.