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The garbage is crushed for the primary sorting process and then screened to separate the material to form different material flows, aiming to divide ferrous and non-ferrous metals. And if required, manual sorting of waste process will be performed to divide fractions into bulky, medium, and fine fractions. The bulky fractions contain paper, plastic, wood, etc, which are sorted out from heavy material. 

The highly calorific fraction can be sued as fuel in the SF power plant.

The fine fraction is transferred to the biological process of the plant where the material is subjected to further anaerobic treatment by a composting process, reducing the organic substances significantly.

Municipal garbage contains a significant amount of biodegradable waste (organic materials). The organic material in garbage can be converted into fertilizer or biogas by anaerobic or aerobic biological fermentation.

For the treatment of these biodegradable fractions, Hengchuang provides a variety of process choices. Solid waste treatment equipment and mechanical sorting tools can separate the organics, which can subsequently be treated either aerobically or anaerobically.

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