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Performance Requirements for Domestic Waste Handling Equipment

Domestic waste treatment equipment utilizes technology to recover useful components and destroy a relatively small amount of waste. The methods that may be used to recover the useful components of garbage are basically well known, namely gravity method, flotation, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation and other methods used in mineral processing. Which method to use depends on the nature of the separated components.

The physical properties of the components are crucial to the waste treatment process, the main ones being density, sedimentation velocity, magnetic susceptibility, electrical conductivity, etc. The compression oil cylinder is controlled by a hydraulic solenoid valve, connected to the press table with guide rollers that are respectively supported on the upright column to maintain synchronous lifting, and has a crank connecting rod bolt and box hanging device (provide relevant certification documents).

1. Vertical garbage compression device of garbage disposal equipment, garbage is always in a closed state during the process of compression, storage, unloading and transfer, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of garbage falling off and overflow of sewage and odor.

Using PLC programmable control system, the system has two operating systems, automatic and manual. It is composed of safety cylinder, connecting rod, safety hook, etc. to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

2. The garbage disposal equipment operates various hydraulic valves through the electrical control system to supply oil to the cylinders of the compression device and the push-out device to complete various processes such as compression, lifting, and loading of garbage.

The hydraulic system of the garbage disposal equipment has a device that makes the electromagnetic relief valve and the valve core not block. The automatic liquid-controlled sewage pump can automatically discharge the sewage generated when compressing the garbage into the municipal sewage network in time.

3. The solid waste handling equipment adopts mechatronics design, and the hydraulic pump station adopts an integrated system; the hydraulic system adopts double vane pump for oil supply, and should have a docking and locking device between the garbage compressor and the garbage bin (provide relevant certification documents).

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