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Pre-treatment Process of Household Trash Handling Equipment

In the process of urbanization, trash, as a byproduct of urban metabolism, used to be a burden for urban development. Many cities in the world have faced the situation of being surrounded by trash. However, nowadays, trash is considered as a resource with development potential, an inexhaustible "urban mine" that has been misplaced. This is not only a deepening and deepening of the understanding of trash, but also a necessary requirement for urban development.

The criteria followed by trash handling equipment

Solid waste handling equipment follows the criteria of waste reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization, saving money, saving land, and satisfying residents. It is adapted to local conditions, comprehensively treated, and reduced in stages in order to facilitate transportation and reduce costs. For the recovery of useful substances, it is often necessary to crush and sort the trash.

If incineration or landfill is used as a disposal method, appropriate crushing, sorting and other treatments should be carried out on the trash to make the disposal more effective.

The pre-treatment and crushing system of trash handling equipment is mainly used in the following processes:

  • Circulating fluidized bed incineration of household trash: pre-treatment and crushing process;

  • Pyrolysis and gasification of household trash: pre-treatment and crushing process;

  • Comprehensive sorting and resource utilization of household trash: bag breaking, rough crushing before sorting, and RDF crushing process;

  • Cooperative disposal of cement kilns: pre-treatment and crushing process.

The process of pre-treatment of trash handling equipment

Before entering the main processing process, trash is sorted, crushed, and adjusted for moisture content to meet the requirements of subsequent processing processes, so as to achieve better harmlessness, reduction, and resource utilization effects and improve economic benefits.

The various inorganic materials and organic materials with high water content in household trash, such as sand, stone, metal, glass, kitchen waste, etc., will seriously reduce the calorific value, reduce the incineration efficiency, and cause the emission of smoke to exceed the standard.

After pre-treatment such as crushing and trash sorting, inorganic materials and organic materials with high water content are separated, and the materials entering the furnace are the RDF after crushing and sorting, which can be selected between 30-300mm in size, with uniform size, high and stable calorific value, which improves combustion efficiency and helps to stabilize and control various combustion parameters.

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