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Bulk Bag Breaker Machine

Bagged garbage is fed into the plastic bag breaker machine through the conveying equipment. The broken bag roller rotates the front end of the broken bag uniformly, and the surface of the broken bag roller is fitted with a bag-breaking knife to finish the bag-breaking process. Hengchuang, a professional waste crusher machine supplier, provides top quality bulk bag breaker machine for customers. Welcome to inquire now!

  • bag breaker
  • bag breaker

Bulk Bag Breaker Machine Features

  • Bag breaking rate of 95% or more.

  • It is possible to combine small bags with large bags (bags with diameter greater than 20cm)

  • Low winding rate compared to other bag breakers

  • With overload protection system

  • Tool may be automatically modified to pass through tough rubbish when encountered, preventing tool damage.

Bulk Bag Breaker Machine Application

Bulk Bag Breaker Machine Operating Principle

Bulk Bag Breaker Machine Operating Principle

Toggle teeth, bag breaker knives, a drum, and a frame make up the Hengchuang bulk bag breaker machine. When the material is sent to the bulk bag breaker machine by the conveying system, the bulk bag breaker machiner's rotating drum and paddle teeth transport the trash to the bag breaker balde above the bag breaker, which subsequently breaks the garbage bags, causing the debris to fall onto the conveyor below. To prevent tangling, the teeth on the drum feature a retractable mechanism that causes the drum to expand when the material is allotted and retract into the drum when the material is released.

Bulk Bag Breaker Machin FAQs

  • What is an Bag Break?

    A bag breaker is a type of bag breaking equipment commonly used in waste disposal projects to break open the bags so that they can be sorted in the next process.

  • What Do You Need to Pay Attention to During the Use of the Bag Breaker

    Before entering the bag breaker, materials must be separated from bulky trash (such as furniture and stones) and easily tangled materials (such as blankets and ropes) to prevent damage to the bag breaker.

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