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As a leading waste sorting conveyor belt factory, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality conveyor belt for waste segregation, which is an integral component of waste management and recycling operations. The waste conveyor belt systems play a vital role in the process of sorting waste material and their movements by trash conveyor. There are several main trash conveyor belts types for sale in our company:

  • Large mobile belt conveyor

  • Fixed belt conveyor

  • Mine belt conveyor

  • Light diaphragm plate belt conveyor

  • Dust cover belt conveyor

  • Large inclination conveyor with PVC belt

All of our garbage conveyor belt products, such as conveyor belt support can meet ISO, RMA, and CEMA standards.

The waste belt conveyor design, dimension and materials can be easily customized depending on its application to meet customer requirements of various dirt conveyor belt for sale.

Hengchuang Conveyor Belt For Waste Segregation Parts

Advantages of Conveyor Belt for Waste Segregation

A garbage conveyor belt has several advantages when being considered as a mechanical means of bulk materials conveying by waste management equipment for sale. The garbage conveyor belt installation reduces and optimizes the real needed workforce for your work. With trash conveyor belts at the production area, there is more utilization of the space. With waste conveyor belt sorting system everything gets organized properly. 

1. The wholesale conveyor belt for waste segregation can make changes in elevation, which is very importment in MSW recycling project.

2. Trash conveyor belt working when changing the speed can be done by changing the frequency of the electrical current. 

3. If you place a sensor at the end of the waste sorting conveyor belt, it can stop and starts each time to move a product.

4. The waste conveyor belt machine can have sidewalls added to stop product spillage, and also can have cover to prevent odor from escaping.

Dirt Conveyor Belt for Sale From Hengchuang Garbage Conveyor Belt Company?

Hengchuang, one of the top waste belt conveyor manufacturers in China, has a plethora of technical and production experience with trash conveyor belts. We carefully machine the rollers, both active and passive, and dynamically balances them to guarantee precision during rotation. As a professional waste sorting conveyor belt supplier, Hengchuang conveyors feature a sturdy structure and are constructed with German technology, including the frame and roller supports. All of the waste conveyor belts produced by the experienced trash conveyor belt manufacturer are vulcanized and glued for smooth operation, and the drive systems are constructed from high-quality brands. More than 100 locations in China use Hengchuang's waste conveyor belts, which offers a guarantee for the conveyor's optimization and improvement.

Waste Sorting Conveyor Belt Working Principle


Waste conveyor belt for bulk materials can move the material or discrete products from one area to another, as they're core material-handling arteries for improve efficiency and throughput in automated installations.

A garbage conveyor belt equipment works by using two motorized pulleys, As the motor in the pulley runs at the same speed and rotates in the same direction, the belt moves between the two.


Now today's materials, controls, and modular subcomponents are spurring new trash conveyor belt system designs in an array of options customized to sorting, filing, and other material-handling tasks.


Intelligent and modular waste conveyor belt structure design gives you flexibility and maximum efficiency. Custom garbage conveyor belts solutions can fit your sepcific requires in waste management recycling industry.

Waste Sorting Conveyor Belt Working Principle

The wholesale trash conveyor belts designed and manufactured by Hengchuang, a professional belt conveyor supplier, can be used to convey materials such as household garbage, aged garbage, construction garbage, coal, ore, etc. Hengchuang's transport belts are stable in operation and have motor running status detection alarm function and broken belt detection alarm function.

Transfer Conveyor Belt FAQs

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    What are the waste conveyor belt uses and applications?


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    What are the garbage conveyor belt advantages?

    • The trash conveyor belt for sale can transport materials from one level to another through elevated conveyors safely.

    • The garbage conveyor belt equipment can move high quantities of items in various shapes, sizes, and weights.

    • Ariety of options to run the conveying systems, including the hydraulic, mechanical, and fully automated systems which are equipped to fit individual needs. If you want to buy waste conveyor belt, please contact us for more info.

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    What is the importance of a waste sorting conveyor belt system?

    • Load Capacity per Unit Length 

    • Maximum Load Capacity 

    • Conveyor Belt System Speed 

    • Frame Configuration Throughput

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