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Conveyor Idler

Hengchuang, one of the top conveyor idlers suppliers in China, produces different types of conveyor idlers including various grooved rollers, buffer rollers, parallel rollers, etc. The idler roller conveyor specifications range from 89 to 219, according to different belt conveyor idler types for selection and installation. Including iron rollers, rubber rollers, etc. The conveyor belt idler rollers are one of the most commonly used and easy-to-maintain parts of the belt conveyor.

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Hengchuang Belt Conveyor Idler Types

Conveyor Idler



Features of Conveyor Idler

  • Shaft, the roughness is 0.8 microns, and the diameter is 0.01 mm bigger than the bearing inner diameter, to ensure the axial displacement and axial load.

  • The tube is an ordinary pipe, a thickness from 2.5mm to 4mm, and an ovality between 0.7 mm to 1 mm. produced roller runout between 0.7 to 1mm.

  • The bearing is made of by Chinese ordinary double non-contracted seal, the bearing inner race have no V-groove, grease is great wall lithium grease, the temperature range of minus 10 degrees to 120 degrees above zero, bearing is dustproof but not waterproof, the gap is C3, the noise of 43-45 db.

  • The seal is 7 items, including 4 pieces nylon 6 and 3 pieces steel seal note, 2/3 of the great wall lithium grease, could dustproof and waterproof.

  • The snap is 2mm thick, and 65M of spring steel material.

  • We use machines to polish to make sure the surface is smooth, and make a good painting. the paint is common to paint, has different colors.

  • The roller is bare packing for itself. you can choose an iron plate, wooden box and so on.

Function of Idlers in Belt Conveyor

Function of Idlers in Belt Conveyor

In general, conveyor rollers serve to help move the belt or provide a specific amount of resistance in the belt and pulley structure. Idler pulleys can also help with gear ratios and other engineering aspects of the conveyor belt system. In some cases, conveyor roller models may have a belt tensioner feature, where moving the rollers can change the tension of the belt. These are usually detailed, as some of them may be difficult to use because of necessary tooling or unusual specifications.

Many specific conveyor idler designs consist of more than one roller, with sections of the idler attached to the belt at different locations to keep the belt properly routed and running well. These designs may also include a metal frame for stabilization. Some designs have handles that can be used to adjust the idler pulleys to help the conveyor move correctly. All of this leads to structural versatility in fitting these elements into existing industrial trash conveyor systems

Conveyor Idler Working Principles

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