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Disc Screen Separator

The disc screen separator from Hengchuang is used to separate small volumes of waste and inert garbage. The trash on the dish-shaped sieve of the dish-picker vibrates as the sieve rotates. To achieve the goal of sorting by trash sorting machine, there is a space between the dish sieve according to the size and weight of the trash. Organic waste disc screens are extensively used in trash disposal as screening equipment.

  • disc screen
  • disc screen

Disc Screen Separator Technical Advantages

  • Not easy to block by Hengchuang organic waste disc screening

  • Convenient disc replacement

  • Effective separation of organic waste and mixed waste

  • Small floor space and energy consumption

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Modular design for easy maintenance

Construction And Demolition Discs Screen

Disk Screen Separator Application

  • Difficult to clog

  • The disc tray is simple to replace in Hengchuang organic waste disc screening.

  • Separation of organic trash and mixed waste that works

  • Low energy use and a small footprint

  • Inexpensive upkeep

  • Modular architecture for ease of upkeep

Construction and Demolition Discs Screen Application

Construction and demolition discs are used in a variety of applications involving the cutting or grinding of materials such as concrete, brick, block, and asphalt. From Hengchuang solid waste management equipment manufacturer, These discs are typically mounted on a circular saw or angle grinder and are used in the construction and demolition industry to cut or grind through tough materials.

Municipal Solid Waste Disc Screening

The main function of municipal solid waste disc screening is to separate and size waste materials based on their physical characteristics, such as size, shape, and density. This MSW segregation machine process is important for several reasons:

To separate recyclable materials by disc screen separator: municipal solid waste disc screening can be used to separate recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic, and metal, from non-recyclable waste. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and promotes the recycling of valuable resources.

To improve the efficiency of waste processing by organic waste disc screens: municipal solid waste disc screening can help to improve the efficiency of waste processing by removing large, non-organic materials from the waste stream. This can help to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be processed and can also help to improve the efficiency of downstream processes such as composting or incineration.

To produce a consistent end product by organic waste disc screens: municipal solid waste disc screening can help to produce a more consistent end product, such as compost or fuel, by removing contaminants and ensuring that the final product meets specific size and quality requirements.

Screen Disk

Disc Screen Separator Operating Principle

Disc Screen Separator Operating Principle

Through the gap between disk screens, Hengchuang disc sieve filters items smaller than the gap.

The disc screen separator is rotated by a reducer driving system, and the shaft drives the screen disks to rotate. Materials smaller than the disc gap are separated, while those larger than the disc gap are sent to the next step.

Screen discs are put on each shaft of the disc sieve. Depending on the material, the screen discs might be hexagonal, star-shaped, triangular, or other shapes. The size of the screen disks and the distance between them can be adjusted to meet specific needs.

Disk Screen Separator Q&A

  • How Much is the Screen Disc Sieve Installation Angle?

    The screen disc sieve can be mounted horizontally or at an angle, but the angle must not be too great; the standard range is 0-5 degrees.

  • Disk Screen with Significant Wear and Tear in the Process of Use

    The disc screen separator may wear out during usage. Typically, the middle section of the disk screen will be severely worn; once the middle disc has been worn out, the middle and both parts of the disc screen can be switched over to continue use.

  • Can the Screen Disc Sieve Be Easily Blocked in Use?

    Unlike other organic waste disc screening equipment, the disc sieve does not easily become clogged throughout the operation, but it will become tangled if the disc screen comes into contact with long materials, so you must be careful.

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