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Magnetic Separator

Permanent magnets, which do not require electrical power, are used in magnetic sorting machine to separate ferrous metal from the garbage. To separate steel wires, nails, and gas cans that are traveling on the magnetic separator conveyor, the conveyor separator rotates around a substantial permanent magnet. The body of the magnetic separator for sale is built of a steel non-magnetic structure. This stops ferrous objects from being drawn to the magnetic separation equipment's body. Being one of the most professional magnetic separator manufacturers, we provide high-quality wholesale magnetic separator machine for customers. Contact us for more info about the magnetic separator price list!

  • magnetic separator
  • magnetic separator

Technical Advantages Of Magnetic Separator

  • Compact structure, very low power consumption, stable and reliable work

  • Small size, light weight, low failure rate, easy to use

  • Stable structure, high efficiency of iron removal

Magnetic Separator

Application Of Magnetic Separator

  • MRF process for domestic waste

  • RDF manufacturing plant (garbage derived fuel)

  • Metal sorting plant

  • Recycled aluminum sorting

  • Landfill Waste Treatment Plant

Operating Principle Of Magnetic Separator

Operating Principle Of Magnetic Separator

The equipment body, unloading system, and drive system make up the Hengchuang iron remover. The ferromagnetic material mixed in the material will become firmly adsorbed on the iron discharge belt under the strong magnetic attraction of the iron remover, and the ferromagnetic material will be thrown out of the site by driving the belt through the drive motor, achieving the goal of automatic iron removal.

Q&A Of Magnetic Separator

  • What is the Use of Magnetic Separator?

    The magnetic separator is used to separate the ferrous metals from the material.

  • What Types of Magnetic Separators Are Used?

    Magnetic separators are belt type, drum type, roller type, disk type, ring type, etc.

  • What Kind of Magnetic Separator is Often Used in Waste Treatment?

    Belt-type magnetic separators are commonly implemented in waste treatment operations.

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