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Manual Waste Sorting Room

In the manual waste sorting process, all inert and dangerous materials, including metals, glass, electronic trash, PVC, etc., are removed and recycled as raw materials. The flammable waste fuel is then transferred to buffer storage. During manual sorting of waste, wood, plastics, textiles, and some leftover garbage make up the majority of the waste. Contact waste sorting machine supplier for manual waste sorting.

  • manual waste sorting
  • manual waste sorting

Technical Advantages Of Manual Waste Sorting Room

  • Waste sorting room has an easy-to-maintain simple structure.

  • Waste can be finely sorted by hand.

Application Of Manual Waste Sorting Room

  • Material recovery system (MRF)

  • Mechanical biological treatment (MBT)

  • Plastic recycling center

  • Landfill waste sorting plant

  • RDF Production Facility (Refuse Derived Fuel)

Operating Principle Of Manual Waste Sorting Room

Operating Principle Of Manual Waste Sorting Room

The sorting platform, drop hopper, sorting conveyor, and sorting room are all parts of the manual waste sorting room at Hengchuang. Following preliminary sorting, materials enter the sorting conveyor, where personnel on either side sift the recyclable garbage before tossing it into the drop hopper, where it enters the bin or conveyor below. A fresh air system that is optionally installed in the sorting room can enhance the working conditions for sorting personnel.

Q&A Of Manual Waste Sorting Room

  • What is the Manual Waste Sorting Room?

    In home, landfill, and industrial trash sorting operations, manual sorting waste room are a typical sorting studio.

  • Is the Manual Waste Sorting Room Particularly Smelly?

    A fresh air system can be installed inside the enclosed manual sorting room to enhance the working conditions for manual laborers.

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