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Optical waste sorting machine for recycling is a kind of equipment that uses visual recognition system and optical sorting system together to achieve automatic optical waste sorting, which can sort waste material according to the color and shape. Depending on the molecular structure of the materials, every organic molecule absorbs light of its own wavelength. As one of the most professional optical sorting machine manufacturers, Hengchuang is waiting for your inquiry about the optical sorter price!

  • optical sorting machine
  • optical sorting machine

Technical Advantages Of Optical Sorting Machine

  • Excellent sorting efficiency

  • Low energy use means reduced land use.

  • Trash sorting machine can take the position of manual sorting and reduce the amount of physical work required.

  • Wide sorting range, capable of identifying a wide range of materials.

Optical Sorting Machine Manufacturers

Application Of Optical Sorting Machine

  • Recovery mechanism for materials (MRF)

  • Biological mechanical treatment (MBT)

  • Recycling center for plastics (can sort PET, PP, PVC, PE, etc.)

  • Metal sorting facility

  • RDF production facility (waste-derived fuel)

  • Identify and sort materials based on their physical characteristics with material recovery facility equipment

Operating Principle Of Optical Sorting Machine

Operating Principle Of Optical Sorting Machine

Optical sorters identify and sort materials by analyzing the near infrared (NIR) light reflected from their surfaces. Depending on the molecular characteristics of the substance, each organic compound absorbs light at a different wavelength. As a result, the system is capable of identifying materials by evaluating the wavelength of reflected light optically. A spectroscope converts the measured light into an electrical signal, which is then turned into computer data. The data is analyzed by the computer in order to identify the elements in the waste stream. The computer uses compressed air to transfer the waste to a specific place after precisely detecting the substance in the waste stream.

Q&A Of Optical Sorting Machine

  • What Does the Optical Sorter Do?

    Optical sorters are commonly used in waste treatment plants to detect and sort rubbish, as well as to sort recyclable materials.

  • What is the Maximum Number of Pet Bottles That an Optical Sorting Machine Can Sort in One Hour?

    One optical sorting machine can identify and sort approximately 40,000 PET bottles in one hour.

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