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Plate Feeder

In a conveying system, plate feeders are a typical form of conveying equipment that are used to move a variety of commodities. They have a big load capacity and huge conveying capacity. The plate feeder is typically used at the end of a waste conveyor systems or elevator feeding a plant, but can also be used to feed any other single unit.

  • plate feeder
  • plate feeder

Features Of Plate Feeder

  • With high strength and high bearing capacity, the chain plate is pressed and made all at once.

  • Large conveying capacity, variable frequency speed control.

  • dependable construction and easy functioning.

  • Low maintenance costs.

Trash Conveyor

Application Of Plate Feeder

  • Coal handling project

  • Ore treatment project

  • Domestic waste treatment project 

  • Landfill waste treatment project

  • Construction waste treatment project

Operating Principle Of Plate Feeder

Operating Principle Of Plate Feeder

The frame, motor system, and chain plate assembly make up the Hengchuang plate feeder. A loader or an excavator can feed the material into the hopper. The driving system moves the chain, which moves the chain plate. The material is driven to the following step by the moving chain plate.

Q&A Of Plate Feeder

  • What is a Plate Feeder?

    Due to its great carrying capacity, plate feeders are a type of material conveying machinery that may be utilized for a variety of materials.

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