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Stationary Compactor for Sale

After being compressed into blocks using a stationary trash compactor, the amount of waste may be reduced by around two-thirds. The stationary compactor for sale is a type of permanent installation hydraulic compression equipment that is typically employed in big garbage transfer stations. For more hydraulic waste compactor, inquiry now!

  • stationary compactor
  • stationary compactor

Technical Advantages Of Stationary Waste Compactor for Sale

  • A host can be set up with numerous boxes and have a large processing capacity.

  • full-coverage operation, reduced odor

  • PLC totally automated control that is fully automatic

  • The box will warn when full or if there is a problem with the equipment's operating.

  • Low maintenance expenses and simple installation

Stationary Waste Compactor

Application Of Stationary Trash Compactor for Sale

  • Transfer station for municipal household garbage

  • Residential neighborhoods, scenic regions, and a garbage transfer facility in the CBD

  • Waste management facility

  • Power plant that burns waste

Stationary Trash Compactor

Operating Principle Of Stationary Compactor

Operating Principle Of Stationary Compactor

The waste from each collection site is placed into the stationary waste compactor by Hengchuang fixed garbage compression equipment, which then repeats the process of "dumping, compression, and dumping again" two to three times. The stationary trash compactor's pressure causes the gap between different waste materials to close and the mass to increase, resulting in less room for different waste materials and a higher waste density. The volume of the loose rubbish is reduced by compressing it into a high-density garbage block, which is then pushed by the pushing plate mechanism into the carriage of the fully enclosed garbage truck and sent to the garbage treatment plant (field) or garbage power plant for processing. In addition to lowering transportation costs and preventing secondary environmental degradation during the transfer of rubbish, this high garbage truck single garbage loading capacity.

Q&A Of Stationary Compactor

  • What Distinguishes Stationary Waste Compactor from Portable Ones?

    Mobile equipment must be outfitted with the appropriate equipment in accordance with the waste to be treated since stationary waste compactor has a high capacity but takes up a lot of space, while stationary trash compactor has a limited capacity but takes up less space.

  • What is the Density of Stationary Trash Compactor's Compressed Rubbish?

    The density of compressed domestic waste is about 600-700kg/m³.

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