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Wholesale Trommel Screen Machine

As one of the professional trommel screen manufacturers, we produce trommel screen waste separation machine that is extensively used in MSW automatic recycling sorter technology to manage waste sorting by particle size, high sorting accuracy and reliable equipment operation. The screen holes of the trommel screen equipment for sale can be customized according to requirements. Contact us to buy trommel screen machine now! trommel screen separator

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Trommel Screen Separator Machine Technical Advantages

  • Trommel Screen holes don't easily obstruct.

  • Smooth functioning with minimal noise.

  • Simple structure, simple upkeep

  • Screening cylinder may be closed, making dust collecting simple.

  • Good overall machine dependability, low one-time investment

  • The use of a specific material screen, which provides great screening efficiency and a long service life.

  • The wholesale rotary screen separator machine specifications can be tailored to meet the needs of the project.

Screen Rotary

Trommel Screen Separator Machine Application

  • Urban household waste treatment

  • landfill waste treatment

  • Construction waste treatment

  • Industrial waste treatment

  • Organic waste treatment

  • Separate materials based on size and density with MRF equipment.

Rotary Screen

Rotary Trommel Screen Machine Working Principle

Rotary Trommel Screen Machine Working Principle

The drum mechanism of the trommel screen seperation machine designed by Hengchuang, an experienced trommel screen seperation machine company, is mounted at an angle on the frame. The electric motor of the rotary trommel screen machine is attached to the drum device by a connection and a reducer, and it rotates the drum device along its axis. When the material enters the drum device, the material on the trommel screening plant surface is turned and rolled by the drum's tilt and rotation, so that the material smaller than the trommel screen hole is discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the drum's rear end, and the material larger than the trommel screen hole is discharged through the discharge outlet at the drum's end. Contact the trommel screen seperator company for more info!

Rotary Screen Separator Machine Q&A

  • What is the Trommel Screen Machine Installation Angle?

    5-8°, the typical trommel screen seperator machine angle is 5 degrees; the wider the angle, the higher the effectiveness of material screening will be. The drum rotates at a modest 0-20 rpm speed, which allows for a more thorough sieving of materials smaller than the rotary trommel seperator machine hole.

  • How to Avoid Clogging of the Trommel Screen's Screen Holes

    Trommel screen separators machine frequently become clogged while screening materials with high moisture content and easy entanglement, thus the rotary screen separator provided by professional trommel screen suppliers should be equipped with a screen hole cleaning equipment to avoid downtime due to screen hole blockage.

  • What Factors Influence the Trommel Screen's Efficiency?

    The speed of the drum rotation, the rate of material passage, and the angle of the drum have an effect on the screening efficiency of the trommel screen.

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