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Waste Baler

A solid waste baler reduces the volume of recyclable materials and creates compressed bales by utilizing the strong force of a hydraulic cylinder. The trash baler for sale is used for continuous compression of PET bottles, paper, and cardboard. Compactor baling machines are frequently used for continuous compression of wastes with recyclable value, such as paper, cardboard, and plastics. Garbage baler users can make securely compressed bales with the aid of automatic control via PLC and tight wire coupling, which also ensures users of the operation's convenience and safety. The users can have greater storage space and more efficient transportation thanks to the compressed bales. Recycling baler machines for sale are frequently fitted on the MRF and MBT's final discharge section.

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Features Of Waste Baler

  • The tool may be automatically modified to pass through tough rubbish when encountered, preventing tool damage.

  • All models are hydraulically driven, with the option of manual or PLC automatic control operation.

  • No foot bolt is necessary for simple installation.

  • Extrusion pressure ranges from 60 tons to 300 tons, allowing you to select the ideal hydraulic waste compactor for your needs.

Baler Machinery

Application Of Waste Baler

  • Waste paper recycling industry

  • Plastic recycling industry

  • Crop straw recycling industry

  • Waste treatment industry

  • MRF process

  • RDF manufacturing plant (garbage derived fuel)

Operating Principle Of Waste Baler

Operating Principle Of Waste Baler

The frame, hydraulic system, electric control system, and feeding system make up the Hengchuang baler. The wire threading mechanism will automatically thread and buckle the material when the material is crushed to a particular density, and the bundle will be pushed out of the baler.

Q&A Of Waste Baler

  • What the Baler May Be Used For?

    Recycling commodities including cardboard, paper, plastic, straw, and rubbish may all be baled with the baler. The bales are simple to carry and store.

  • What Distinguishes a Trash Compactor from a Baler?

    Garbage compression equipment can only compress, not bundle, into bales; bales are difficult to fall apart. Bale machines can compress and bundle into bales.

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