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Hengchuang rubbish conveyor is designed to withstand time and is specific for all the heavy work that will be submitted. All parts of the garbage conveyor are bolted and interchangeable. The waste conveyor belt is made of textile, rubber, plastics, leather, and metal, and it can improve efficiency. Our conveyor belt for waste segregation is designed to handle the toughest and sharpest of items. The trash conveyor systems is moved at a defined speed by connecting a reducer to the motor. The types of garbage conveyors include chain conveyors, sliding belt conveyors and roller belt conveyors, and custom plate feeder and wholesale screw conveyor designs are available.

Types Of Hengchuang Waste Conveyor for Sale

Hengchuang Trash Conveyor Technology Introduction

  • Our rubbish conveyor belts have been specially developed for the recycling industry. Different variants can be adapted to your requirements. In this way, it is possible to create handling systems that are perfectly suited to the existing conditions in each case.

  • This conveyor for waste technology has an important task in the treatment system. It handles the semi-automatic or fully automatic transport of residual waste between two points. This may be from the point of origin to further treatment or disposal for solid waste management equipment. Waste conveyor technology is also used to receive residual waste. From there, these solutions transport the waste to the corresponding station.

Trash Conveyor Characteristics and Advantages

Garbage conveyor is now an integral characteristics in recycling companies and waste management in general.

In Hengchuang, Our rubbish conveyor system has high compatibility due to modular design also equipped with a safty cover, fast belt moving speed upto 6m/s, various width upto 3,000mm.

At Hengchuang sludge conveyor system, we foucus on well thought-out overall systems like solidity from laser cutting construction, high performance SEW motor mounted and quality belt resistant to oil and grease. By achieving this through optimized control systems, we will make an enormous progress in the field of waste management.

Garbage Conveyor Application

  • Supplying and moving of wastes

  • Transporting products in warehouse

  • Transporting raw materials

  • Transporting bulk products

  • Safety conveyance of small and large materials

  • Fast conveyor for automatic optical separator

  • MBT and MRF process facilities

How Does Waste Conveyor Systems Work?

The automatic waste sorting machine and recycling system is usually connected to the screening equipment by a waste conveyor system. The waste conveyor systems are like the blood vessel of the screening equipment and the smooth flow is the key to ensure the efficiency of the screening equipment. The most commonly used belt conveyor in the trash conveyor systems is the belt conveyor, which consists of a frame, drive system, belt, active and passive drums, roller assembly, etc. In use, the drive system drives the active drum to rotate, the active drum and the belt generate friction and thus drive the belt to rotate, the material on the belt enters the screening equipment through the movement of the belt.

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