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The wholesale waste crusher machines produced by our company are helpful tools for reducing the volume of bulky garbage, including reams of paper products, bumpers, tires, refrigerators, and shredding various materials such as scrap iron, aluminum, copper, and plastic, as well as municipal solid waste and industrial waste.

Garbage, timber, furniture, and other things can all be destroyed by the solid waste crushing machine. This trash crusher machine is a piece of equipment that can rip garbage bags apart is called a waste crusher machine. The anti-tangle feature on Hengchuang garbage crusher machine can considerably increase the effectiveness of garbage disposal.

As a professional waste crusher supplier, we produce high quality bulk bag breaker and garbage shredder machine that can reduce the size of the material by shearing, tearing, and extrusion; the material must have a solid structure and high shredding efficiency. 

Wholesale Waste Crusher Machines Types

How Does Solid Waste Crushing Machine Work?

The double shaft shear China waste plastic crusher machine is characterized by strong crushing capacity, high stability, long service life, easy operation and low cost. The garbage crusher machine can be widely used in various waste treatment fields and solid waste management equipment solutions, such as municipal solid waste, large waste, industrial hazardous waste, food and drug, electronic waste, waste tires, etc.

Wholesale Waste Crusher Characteristics And Advantages

  • The rubbish crusher machine roduction is tailored to the needs of the crushing particle size.

  • The unique recyclable crusher instruments guarantee the necessary crushing action.

  • Solid waste crushing machine has a discharge valve that is hydraulically actuated and it can separate the breakable materials.

  • All worn components and spare components can be simply replaced.

  • A four layer sealing system that has been particularly built for the garbage truck crusher may stop fluids and foreign objects from entering the bearing.

Garbage Crusher Machine Application

The use of trash crusher machine is crucial for eco-centers, landfills, wrecking, and all businesses involved in recycling and waste management. Our rubbish crusher machines are made with high levels of durability, efficiency, and performance. The wholesale waste crusher machines are recommended for the treatment of any form of solid waste and are available in a wide variety of types that may accommodate various industrial needs. Look for more information about municipal waste segregation machine by projects.

wholesale waste crusher application fields

  • For use with a crushing, mixing and pumping (SMP) system.

  • Waste-derived fuel

  • A tire-crushing facility

  • Field of waste combustion

  • The chemical sector

  • Biomass energy

plastic waste crushing machine

A plastic waste crusher machine, also called a plastic recycling crusher machine, is a device created to break down bulky materials like plastic and trash into more manageable sizes. The China waste plastic crusher machine can be used to reduce the size or alter the form of materials, allowing for easier and more effective processing. Hengchuang produced waste plastic crushing machine is used for the intended purpose, which in this instance is recycling.


wood waste crusher machine

Wood waste crusher machines are ideal for reducing bulky scrap into a more manageable commodity. The waste wood crusher machine can be used for direct energy generation in combustion plants or for the production of briquettes.


concrete waste crushing machine

Basically this concrete waste crushing machine is use to recycle unwanted concrete, brick, and block in order to protect the environment. To simply and equally smash the garbage, the concrete waste crushing machine contains 36 unique steel-cast hammers.

waste paper crushing machine

The components of a waste paper crushing machine include motors, gearboxes, feed hoppers, shafts, bottom racks, control boxes, and shredder blades. The size of the output material is determined by the number of blades or their breadth, respectively.


food waste crusher

Before being moved on to further depacking or size reduction equipment for further separation into organic and non-organic trash, the food waste crusher is uniquely intended to help reduce the size of the particles in food returns and packed food waste.


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