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As a China waste sorting machine supplier, Hengchuang provides solid waste sorting machine that is used to automatically classify garbage. The primary garbage sorting machine includes drum screens, ballistic separator machine, disc screens, air separators, and so on. The waste sorting machine factory also produces waste conveyor systems including belt conveyors, plate feeders, and other similar devices. Domestic waste, aged waste, construction waste, and food waste treatment projects frequently use garbage sorting machine, and common processes of using the automatic recycling sorter include MBT, MRF, and so on. Contact us now for more information about the garbage sorting machine cost!

Types Of Hengchuang Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale

How Does Trash Sorting Machine Work?

Following the delivery of living waste using a special garbage truck to the robotic waste sorting facility, the enclosed area between the discharge is automatically opened and closed by photoelectric switches, radar surveillance systems, video monitoring, etc. depending on the site's condition. Once the truck has been discharged, and aseptic disinfection device and a negative pressure deodorization system are opened to complete the garbage segregation machine disposal process.

Torn bags at the same time the material particle size break below 250 mm by the plate feeder and transportation belt conveyor living garbage feeding garbage automatic segregation machine coarse crusher (level) of the pretreatment system into the hopper, after living garbage primary crusher by transport belt conveyor to drum sieve, iron remover is set in transport belt. The broken household rubbish is separated into its component parts by the iron recycling sorting machine, which operates in a closed magnetic field. The roller screen will meet two specifications: it will be greater than 80mm (on the screen) and less than 80mm (under the screen).

The material on the roller screen (more than 80 mm) is sent to the air separation of solid waste, where the light and heavy materials are separated and screened out by the recycling sorting machine Heavy materials (such as stone, glass, and concrete) are moved to designated landfill sites; light materials (such as paper, plastic, and other combustible materials) go into the secondary crusher; after crushing, iron-bearing materials are separated by an iron automatic waste separation machine, and the remaining materials are turned into fuel derived from garbage (RDF fuel).

The material under the roller screen (less than 80mm) is sorted out by the iron plastic waste segregation machine, and the remaining heavy material (stone, glass, concrete, etc.) is transferred to the designated place for landfill.

Waste Separation Machine Main Features

  • Garbage Sorting Machines Cut Back on Land Occupation

Some components of household waste are difficult to breakdown, seriously eroding the earth. Solid waste management equipment and Rubbish Sorting Machine technology eliminates recyclable and non-biodegradable materials, resulting in a more than 60% reduction in the volume of garbage.

  • Garbage Sorting Machines Reduce Pollution of the Environment

Waste plastics in the soil will impair crop output. Discarded waste plastics are consumed by animals, which occasionally results in animal fatalities. Abandoned batteries contain metal mercury, cadmium, and other dangerous compounds that will cause major injury to humans. Automatic waste segregation machine can thereby lessen harm. Responsible garbage management is crucial from an environmental perspective. Every government organization, especially those in charge of waste management, ought to place protecting the environment at the top of its priority list.

  • Trash Sorting Machines Making Treasure out of Waste

Domestic garbage is regarded as having the greatest potential for development, being an untapped "urban mineral deposit," and being a "misplaced resource." Therefore, the Automatic waste segregation machine market has gained more attention these years. Research by qualified specialists indicates that my nation's rubbish conceals the enormous treasure. 25 billion yuan of renewable resources can be produced annually through resource treatment.

  • Trash Sorting Machines Improved Waste Processing

Consider attempting to manually sort all of the trash from a city. To even begin the procedure would be overwhelming. It would be nearly hard to efficiently filter through so much rubbish, even with a large workforce. With automatic waste sorting machine, this process can be simplified.

How to Sort Plastic for Recycling by Plastic Waste Segregation Machine?

Hengchuang's plastic waste sorting machine includes tangle separators, wind separators, and light separators etc.. The tangle separator separates lengthy, tangle-prone materials, like plastic film, and is often installed at the head of the waste separation system. The wind separator, a kind of plastic recycling sorting machine, removes the lighter materials from the material, often plastics and paper, and is typically employed after the trommel screen separator or disc screen separator. In order to separate the individual components from the mixed polymers, such as PP, PVC, and PE, the optical sorter recycling is typically utilized after the wind separator.

Solid Waste Sorting Machine Application

In order to achieve automatic garbage sorter categorization, the garbage sorting machine abandons the notion of the conventional sorting process, makes reforms in principle, and uses innovative fuzzy recognition technology and simulated manipulators as the core technology.

The recycling sorting equipment settings can be changed at any moment to accommodate varied waste components and subsequent waste treatment techniques. The trash sorter can also be connected to the customer's current construction waste recycling equipment.

The automatic garbage sorting machine is suitable for all kinds of garbage cleaning stations, garbage transfer stations, garbage treatment plants, garbage composting plants, garbage incineration plants, and other places where garbage is concentrated. We are a MSW China waste sorting machine supplier. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Waste Sorting System, Garbage Sorting System and Recycling Sorting Systems

Typically, the waste sorting system consists of conveying and screening equipment. Frequently used conveying equipment includes belt conveyors, plate conveyors, screw conveyors, and drum screens, bouncing screens, disc screens, and wind separators. Hengchuang uses a combination of machinery and several methods to sort various trash types. Waste can be divided into categories such as metal, organic material, building waste, fabric, plastic, rubber, etc. Our machinery has undergone a great deal of engineering testing and optimization, resulting in a steady operation and high screening efficiency.

HENGCHUANG solid waste management equipment manufacturer will meet your needs as much as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us now.
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