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RDF SRFcontains high quantity of biodegradable material as well as plastics and provides solutions to the disposal of non-recyclable waste fractions, for it can be used as a direct substitute for primary fossil fuels in gasification. The physico-chemical processes taking place between the gasification agents and RDF SRF, yielding syngas, are complex and are influenced by varying feed composition, process design and operating conditions. Nonetheless, the gasification process may be considered as a sequence of distinct conversion mechanisms. Initially, RDF baler entering a gasifier is heated, to temperatures of 100–150 °C, and dried with heat received through heat transfer from other parts of the gasifier. The rate of drying depends upon the temperature, velocity of the gas, as well as the external surface area of the feed material (presented as pellets or shredded material), the internal diffusivity of moisture and the nature of bonding of moisture to that material. For more euipment for waste recycling, sorting and seperation, please contact Hengchuang solid waste management equipment manufacturer.

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