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Composting is a treatment of organic waste, biowaste and green waste from MBT. Composting is a closely monitored process that involves the decomposition of organic matter in solid waste into stable humus, taking advantage of the micro-organisms in the natural world.
Technically, there are seven steps for composting: waste feeding, primary treatment, primary fermentation, secondary treatment, secondary fermentation, final pulverization and packaging of the organic fertilizer product.
Organic fertilizer production technology is mainly to lower the moisture to 60% after mixing the livestock and poultry dung and complementary makings (Or medicine and furfural resides, and other suitable items) by solid waste treatment equipment. And blending with special functional microbial starter cultures, through continuous fermentation pool type, and make the livestock and poultry waste fully rotten.Look for more information about MSW segregation machine by projects.

Compost Shredder Machine

Compost Shredder

Solid Waste Composting Machine

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