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Solid Waste Sorting Equipment

1. Traditional solid waste sorting

Solid waste classification, those who may be engaged in the recycling industry or know this term are not unfamiliar. Solid waste classification is the recycling of recyclable resources in solid waste. Recycling enterprises can obtain good income, which is also conducive to environmental protection and resource recycling. use.

Traditional solid waste sorting usually employs some old workers for sorting, which is dirty and tiring. Everyone has different sorting standards, resulting in poor sorting effect, time-consuming and laborious, high investment cost, and low sorting efficiency. Because of this disproportion between payments and revenue, some small businesses simply forgo this part of the resource. Those powerful recycling companies are also difficult to deal with because they do not have proper waste sorting equipment, the investment and income are basically the same, and they do not make money. As a professional waste sorting machine supplier, we produce high quality equipment for our customers.

2. Develop solid waste sorting equipment

Therefore, this industry urgently needs suitable waste sorting equipment, that is to say, it needs to be very large and does not need to spend too much manpower and material resources to achieve the desired effect. If there is such a device, will it be a recycling company? What about the "Gospel"?

Organize experienced technicians to develop solid waste treatment equipment to sort metals, precious metals, plastics and other materials. Such as metal sorting machine for metals such as stainless steel, eddy current separator machine for precious metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, silica gel sorting machine for removing impurities such as silica gel and rubber in plastic, electrostatic sorting machine for plastic, color sorting of material color Auxiliary equipment such as machine, metal and plastic aluminum-plastic sorting machine.

These garbage sorting equipment can form a series of sorting lines according to needs, and can also be used alone. They are suitable for most common solid waste sorting, so that solid waste sorting is no longer a chicken rib. The ranks of solid waste sorting. So, do you want to try it?

At present, the solid waste recycling industry has broad prospects. With the rapid development of society, it is imminent to save resources and protect the environment. The country has also begun to implement garbage classification policies, and more and more people are beginning to take action.