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The Reason For The Slippage Of The Belt Conveyor

Slippage can be said to be a headache during the operation of the belt conveyor. If slippage occurs, materials will be scattered, the feeding pipe will be blocked, the belt will be abnormally broken, and the belt will be worn out, which will affect the belt conveyor. Normal operation, let's take a look at the reasons for the slippage of the belt conveyor!

Reason 1: Insufficient belt tension

If the trash conveyor belt does not have enough tension, there will not be enough friction between the drive pulley and the belt, and the belt and the load will not be pulled. The tensioning device of the belt conveyor usually includes structures such as screw tensioning, heavy hammer tensioning and car tensioning. When the stroke of the screw or heavy hammer tensioning device is not enough, or when it is not adjusted properly, it will cause the mechanism to jam, resulting in insufficient belt tension and slipping.

Reason 2: There is water, oil, ice, or frost on the non-working surface of the belt

Due to changes in the natural environment, as well as on-site ground flushing, equipment maintenance and other reasons, the non-working surface is accidentally stuck with water, oil, ice or frost, and other attachments, which will cause the surface of the driving drum to accumulate and reduce friction. cause slippage.

Reason 3: The belt conveyor is overloaded

When it is stopped due to improper operation or exceeding the corresponding load, the belt conveyor carries an excessive load during operation, or the load starts the belt conveyor, causing overload operation and causing the belt to slip.

Reason 4: The conveyor belt is partially scratched

Under normal circumstances, the solid waste management machine is partially jammed, which mostly occurs at the head, tail, and tensioning device. When a certain part of the conveyor belt is subjected to strong resistance, or when there are foreign objects, the belt will slip. Look for more information about MSW segregation machine by projects.

Reason 5: The brake cannot be opened when starting

When the belt conveyor is starting, it will also stop due to slippage because the brake cannot be turned on. The main reason is that the driving device cannot be rotated due to the influence of the brake. At this time, the motor circuit has been connected, and the belt and its driving device do not work.

To sum up, it is not difficult to find that the main reasons for the slippage of the belt conveyor are these 5 points. After understanding it clearly, it is easy to operate. If it can be operated in a standardized way and carefully, the slippage phenomenon can be controlled to a large extent!