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What Are the Treatment Methods for Trash Handling Equipment?

Trash handing equipment for centralized processing

Centralized processing refers to gathering construction waste at a designated location and performing classification, screening, and processing together.

According to the market situation reflected by trash classification and processing equipment, there are two types of processing equipment that can be used in centralized processing of construction waste. One is fixed complete set crushing equipment, and the other is convenient transfer crushing combination equipment.

The fixed crushing equipment combination mainly consists of a complete set of sand and gravel production line, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, screw conveyors and material handling, etc. According to the production process of sand and gravel, it processes and utilizes concrete, waste bricks, stones, and other materials in construction waste in order to achieve resource recycling.

Mobile crushing station combination equipment integrates various crushing and screening equipment through reasonable design according to the main process of sand and gravel processing. Solid waste handling equipment achieves the function of overall mobile operation through the vehicle-mounted system or track drive system, and can flexibly select the construction site to process materials in a timely manner, greatly reducing transportation and processing costs of materials, and improving production efficiency. From the customer's point of view, the mobile crushing station combination is more in line with the customer's intentions.

Trash handing equipment for decentralized processing

For construction waste that is relatively scattered and difficult to integrate, it is suitable to use mobile crushing and processing equipment to avoid duplicate purchase of equipment and save costs. However, with the continuous development of mobile crushing station technology and according to the actual needs of customers, mobile crushing equipment has been divided into various modes such as standard type, closed-circuit type, single-machine type, and multi-level combination type products.

Trash is solid waste generated in daily life and production activities of human beings. With the rapid development of modern society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the amount of waste generated in daily life has also increased. The phenomenon of municipal waste pollution is becoming increasingly serious.

Processing and utilizing municipal waste can not only protect the environment but also save natural resources. The varieties of municipal waste are different and the time required for decomposition in nature is also different. Some decompose quickly, while others can exist in nature for a long time. If not handled properly, it will cause certain harm to the environment.

HENGCHUANG trash handling equipment has a simple idea: to better manage our waste, make our world more beautiful, and better recycle and reuse. Welcome everyone to inquire.